He is True God {Allah} PARABRAHMA. Omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, eternal, never changing, formless and always happy and content in himself.. doing no work. The only one and not recognizing himself because no other exists to compare with and to recognize as a separate entity. As he is the only one existing everywhere homogeneously and no any other exists anywhere to happen any transaction or to work upon anything; he is always in the divine rest {Nirvikalpa Samadhi}
This is the state of divine truth, true for all the time, past, present, future.Rather to say correctly; truth is timeless, having no birth {start} and no death {end}

The cover of illusion called as mother Bhavani always accompanies Shiva, the eternal truth. {as if sweetness accompanies sugar or whiteness accompanies milk} She is superficial DIVINE SPIRIT OF GOD. She is also omnipresent, omnipotent, but creates infinite objects, forms, shapes, colors and diversified worlds, universes etc. which are always changing and showing individual life cycle which is illusion only. It is her magic creating diversified illusion everywhere in spite of the fact that nothing other than the one God Shiva only exists anywhere . She is the wish of Almighty Shiva {Inshaa Allah}, the wish doing all work though Almighty Shiva himself never do any work.
{The genders viewed here illustrate the duality of Almighty truth.}
Living being {Jiva}
Shiva element which wrongly assumes that it is bound to the individual object body (separate from others) having certain species, gender, race or other characters only, due to wrong signals given by it's limited bodily material senses. It takes the illusion as truth and is unable to experience Shiva the Almighty Sachchidanand {eternal truth, eternal knowledge, eternal happiness}

The ShivaBhavani duet
This illusion {Avidya or Maya} showing diverse nature is the mother Goddess Jagadamba Bhavani which covers and hides the truth {Shiva}. By the grace of Sadguru we become able to see the Shiva {truth}, because Bhavani {illusion} disappears. Hence we can never see both of them at the same time. But she is always associated with him. Both can never be separated.

This is elaborated as follows - when the end of material world occurs {Atyantik Vilaya} Jagadamba Bhavani retires herself into Shiva, and only Shiva Sachchidananda remains as himself.
For example in case of lack of sufficient light a person sees a snake and gets frightened; but when Guru show him in the light of torch that it is a rope, it is not the snake, then the fear vanishes afterwords forever from the mind of that person though all other conditions remain the same. In this enlightened condition devotee can view mother Bhavani herself as Almighty Allah {PARABRAHMA swarupini} because the duality vanishes.

Above incidence of changing over happen only in the view of living being. Shiva is eternal, always present everywhere homogeneously in never changing state of happiness.
May mother Jagadamba Bhavani allow us to meet and identify our eternal Shiva Paramatma.
अहं निर्विकल्पो निराकाररुपो
सर्वत्र सर्वेंद्रियाणाम्
मे समत्वं मुक्तिर्न बन्ध:
: शिवोऽम् शिवोऽम्